So I’m obviously terrible at keeping my own goals. It’s been, what like three weeks since I’ve posted last? And ironically enough these last few weeks I’ve actually had adventures… but my laptop hadn’t been working (yes I’m actually using that as an excuse) but now I have all the info to have it on my phone and will be updating more often and easily! Yay! And because there’s been snow days, road trips, and a birthday, I’ll use this coming week to write and post (hopefully with pictures too!) And after that I’ll be caught up! Maybe…. plus I’m working on some big plans so stay posted!!
Stay curious


I may not be Alice, but I have fallen down a rabbit hole

To get off on the right foot, I’ll post here only the newest adventures I have. If you want to see the new stuff (which will be the same as here) as well as some of the old adventures,  what I’m currently reading, or planning, follow me on tumblr. Name’s the same, link’s at the bottom. Not going to say that “this is the polished and cleaned up version” but it sorta will be? I took a creative non-fiction class a few years back. I think I’m going to try to have this more like the pieces I wrote there rather than just utter rambles of what’s going through my head at that moment… Although if we’re being honest, that’s just my way of writing. I’ve been told by professors that I’m stubborn, with a dry sense of humor… Well, that’s not just when I’m making art or writing.

But again, this is as much of an adventure as my actual adventures. I’ve never even tried to do something like this… Well I mean when I was younger I tried- without any success- to keep journals but even when I was eight, nine, ten, I never thought anything too extraordinary happened in my life. Here, I’ll blame books. I read too much and still feel like I should be living those types of adventures but I’m not. I might just not be destined for that. Yet, it could be that I’m not trying. So come with me, and let’s try this together.

Stay Curious.